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Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease 

Our mission at The Center for Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease is
to provide specialized diagnosis and treatment services for
Ocular Surface Disease including Dry Eye and Dry Eye Syndromes.

This site is set up so that you have general information on our services and on the topic of
Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) and Ocular Surface Disease (OSD)

Dry Eye Syndrome and Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) statistics are staggering and on the rise. In fact, they have almost doubled in the last seven years. Dry eye is one of the most under-diagnosed and misunderstood conditions by both patients and doctors. Left untreated, it can lead to serious complications, including vision loss.

Dry Eye Syndrome can be caused by a number of factors, and treatment recommendations vary from person to person. That's why getting a qualified evaluation and accurate diagnosis for the condition is so important. While there may be no cure for the condition, there are several effective treatment options available  and we, at the Center for Dry Eye can provide relief.

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Evaluate your symptoms with this:
Checklist for dry eye patients

Our Doctors have extensive experience in the treatment of ocular surface disease, Dr Gonzalez lectures local and nationally on the topic of Ocular Surface Disease, teaching optometrist on how to best address the patients needs.

We take a multi-pronged approach to dry eyes, and address tear quality, production, distribution, drainage, and provide maintenance therapies. Although there is no cure for dry eye, careful management by an eye care professional can significantly improve symptoms and quality of life.

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